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A Joyful Spin!


After 15 years of tableside service

we have pivoted to a more civilized pace.

Discover our craft catering services tailored

for intimate gatherings and events.

From cherished family reunions, to elegant receptions, lively showers, serene picnics, vibrant concerts,

productive business meetings, or thrilling outdoor escapades, we specialize in crafting delectable, meticulously presented fare for you and your guests.

Planning a special event?

Whether pickup or on site catering,
allow us to exceed your expectations.

Alternatively, explore our website for our current

menu of pre-order/pickup options, featuring an array of tantalizing Salads, Sandwiches, Sides, and Sweets.

Watch for our weekly additions, including indulgent charcuterie boxes, irresistible sweets, and refreshing beverages, among other delightful offerings ;-) 

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