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Bacon Cheddar Burger 2

Bacon Cheddar Burger 2

Parmesan French Toast

Parmesan French Toast

The End.jpg


That's All Folks!

March 3, 2024

was our last day
of ser

It's been an amazing 15 year run, but it's time now to begin a new chapter.

This has been a great adventure that has allowed
us to meet so many incredible people . . .
customers, vendors, musicians, farmers, winemakers, craftsmen,
and artists, many of whom have
become dear friends.


Thanks to everyone who supported us
over the years at both locations.
We are embracing the words of the brilliant Dr. Seuss . . . 
Don't be sad because it's over smile bec
ause it happened!
I'm sure our paths will cross again ;-)

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