Open for
Indoor Dining!

The day has finally come...
We're indoors again.

One positive of Covid-19 was the
opportunity to reimagine the Market.
There have been many changes
in the past months:

We have remodeled the second floor,
Bohemian Vinyl Room, which will open in
April for special evenings and events.

We are bringing back the
Wednesday Night Dinner Series
from the early days of the restaurant.
Most important for us …
reconnecting with the kitchen
We have fittingly dubbed it
The Survivor Kitchen,
with Brian and I cooking up a storm.

There will be many new adventures
to be had throughout the year,
so keep a watchful eye out!

We are following all safety guidelines
established by the State of Oregon.
We encourage everyone to support the
delicate state all our local restaurants
are facing by choosing to dine outdoors
or order take out at
your favorite Medford eatery.

Monday & Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday- Friday 11:00am-2:00pm
Friday Night Music Hall

Brunch: Sat & Sun 9:00am to 2:00pm

123 W Main Street, Medford Oregon 97501
ring: 541-973-2233