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Our Story

was created from a passion for family and good food.
It seems we are constantly prioritizing the events in
our lives and how we feed ourselves.

I grew up in Southern California's San Fernando Valley
running barefoot and climbing olive trees.
As a family we raised beef, poultry, and game birds for private clients,
hotels, and upscale restaurants in the greater Los Angeles area.
It was a crazy, amazing life where every day was a new adventure!
I don’t think I’ll ever figure out how my Mom pulled it off,
but everyday seemed effortless and exciting.
Whether teaching pheasants to fly or navigating a kitchen
brimming with French chefs in our small farm house,
we lived life to the fullest.

Food is a celebration and a time to reconnect.
We ate whole foods then, and I still do now.
Life is full of trade offs and what you eat is no exception.
Flavor is king in my world, I would gladly give up
inconsequential foods in favor of fresh cream in my pasta,
and a big red wine with my husband at dinner any day.

Nevertheless, when food is the vehicle for a central theme, life seems to
happen as it should. I have a hope and desire to get people reacquainted
with their kitchens, friends, family, and food supply.


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